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TurboSonic X7 Vibration-Neuromuscular-Re-education

We now provide the latest form of Neuromuscular Re-education available. As technology advances so does our ability to provide our patients with more efficient & effective forms of complete rehabilitation and strengthening. At Complete Chiropractic Rehab Center LLC we are commited to providing unparalleled Chiropractic Care & complete spinal or extremity rehabilitation. Our goal is afford our patients with outcomes in their recovery that far exceed common experiences and outcomes at other facilities. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and to that end we have now added TurboSonic X7 to our rehabilitation and therapy center. TurboSonic is the latest technological advance in treatment of muscle strengthening , bone density building and postural awareness all of which are essential to complete spinal and extremity healing. The Turbo Sonic provides vibration force to tissue in a unique manner in where a NON MECHANICAL vibration stress is introduced to your entire spine, it does this with the use of sound waves that will penetrate muscle and force the body to respond to this stress increasing muscle tone, bone growth and postural awareness. In the years previous Olympic games the Olympiads of Korea and Japan focused on this devise a central core to the training for their athletes and the results go unchallenged as evident in their unusually high number of Gold metals. Call today to schedule your complimentary trial of the TurboSonic X7.


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  • "The staffs at Complete Chiropractic Rehab Center are very caring and are truly interested in your health to get you back to 100% pain free. When I started coming here I was a garbage man, lifting heavy material over m head hundreds of times a day. With the help and care of the staff and Dr. Zebrasky, I have been able to maintain the same active lifestyle I had 15 years ago..."
    John W. -